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Monica Parikh and the School of Love
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Monica Parikh: As You Move to Love Consciousness, the World Heals.

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Giving female leaders practical tools to build exceptional love lives, using psychology, spirituality, quantum physics, and law.

Monica Parikh and the School of Love

Giving female leaders practical tools to build exceptional love lives, using psychology, spirituality, quantum physics, and law.

Who Is Alec Zeck? Alec Zeck is a holistic health advocate, writer, and speaker. His knowledge-base is nearly unbounded due to his insatiable hunger for learning more about the universe, the planet, and its constituents. His solid claims are backed by vigorous research, fueled by his unending desire to understand what is really happening in […]

Lisa and Deevo are both digital creators, uber-successful photographers, game-changing entrepreneurs, and deeply curious individuals. The two of them recently tied the knot and made it official – a phenomenal decision due to how well they work together. From building their own brands to their collaboration on creating Sprout Connectors, basically, everything they touch turns […]

If you haven’t noticed, consumer trust in corporate brands has reached new depths of lows. Online advertising? customers got 99 problems, but handling intrusive ads is not on that list. There’s an opportunity to be tapped here — smaller businesses now have the upper hand in leveraging personal branding & relationship as a channel to […]

bride standing on bow of sailboat in a wedding dress

Nothing works like finding the right balance — hard work and healthy banter makes Jack not so dull after all.  And while too fast, or too slow might harm your chances, you can never go wrong with steady — the same applies to finding a balance between iterating your business even amidst the need for […]

Brand Storytelling on Social Media

Social Media and its evolving landscape combined with diminishing customer attention spans is forcing businesses to be creative in how they deliver their story to their customers.

Welcome to the Social Watercooler Instagram Class, Everything you need to know about instagram in 2021. Have you been spinning your wheels on instagram and still can’t figure out how to have any sort of success? Do your posts rarely get seen or commented on? Are you stuck and ready to give up on Instagram? […]


Having been in the small business/entrepreneur space for many years and in various capacities, we have several tips for small businesses, but one of my biggest pieces of advice is to hire an accountant. It’s a simple solution to what otherwise could take you days or even weeks to do on your own – as a business […]

showing up on social media requires conversations

Effective social media content is an ongoing process – never a one and done. It takes time, careful calculation and consistency. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming however. Planning and consistent execution, will quickly elevate your social game. Use these tips to strike up a conversation.


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