Episode 69: Staying Stuck is a Choice & the 5 Modalities of Betrayal with Dr. Debi Silber

May 25, 2022

Dr. Debi Silber, CEO/Author/Psychologist/Health and Wellness Expert

“The more we trust and depend on a person, the deeper the betrayal,” explains Dr. Debi Silber, CEO, Author, Psychologist,  and Health and Wellness Expert. With her expertise in holistic psychology, Dr. Debi is well aware of how betrayal affects our personalities and worldviews. With this in mind, Dr. Debi breaks down the different ways we deal with betrayal and how we can move forward from the pain.

According to Dr. Debi, 45% of people who have been betrayed have gut issues from the stress of this experience. As much as we would like to believe that time heals everything, the only thing that helps us recover from this trauma is through five predictable stages of healing. Although it may seem easier to shut people out as a means of self-protection, it’s essential to work through the pain and allow yourself to have healthy relationships.

Tune into this week’s episode of the A Little Impolite Podcast for a healing conversation about dealing with betrayal. Learn more about Deevo and Lisa’s experiences with toxic relationships, the commonality of self-sabotage, and the difference between transformation and resilience.


  • “When the person we trust the most proves untrustworthy, who do we trust? When the ones we run to when other people are causing harm are the ones causing the harm, where do we go? It’s such a weird trauma, because it completely shatters the self. (16:23 – 16:39) [Dr. Debi]
  • “The more we trust and depend on a person, the deeper the betrayal.” (17:50 – 17:53)  [Dr. Debi]
  • “You can have these triggers that can take you right down, and your body responds and reacts as if you just received the news again.” (31:08 – 31:17)  [Dr. Debi]
  • “You keep what you love and you get rid of what no longer serves you.” (51:47 – 51:49)  [Dr. Debi]
  • “Betrayal will show you who someone truly is. It will also wake them up to who they temporarily became. And then you have a choice with what you want to do with that.” (1:12:07 – 1:12:15)  [Dr. Debi]
  • “Life begins when you really wake up and realize, “Wow, I’m here to do something important.” You just you owe it to yourself. You owe it to the world. You can’t go through something and not share it.” (1:20:46 – 1:20:56)  [Dr. Debi]


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