Episode 65: Learning to Say No with Katie Wallace

April 13, 2022

Katie Wallace, Founder of Hux Sustainables

“When you don’t fit in, you don’t survive. That’s the survival mechanism that’s instilled in us,” says Katie Wallace, Founder of Hux Sustainables. After almost going to jail at nineteen, Katie has been on a path to spiritual, mental, and physical healing. Now a writer, marketer, and most importantly, a healer, Katie helps others break their cycles of unhealthy behaviors that prevent them from leading authentic lives.

Katie reminds us that our body knows when we don’t want to do something, although we often ignore these signals due to societal pressure. However, we can sift through the anxieties that prohibit our growth through meditation or by simply sitting alone with ourselves. Although saying no may seem impossible, we ultimately have the power to choose what we take on and what will provide us meaning.

Tune into this week’s episode of A Little Impolite Podcast for a straightforward conversation on letting go of people-pleasing. Learn more about people’s tendency to conform, Katie’s definition of “enoughness,” and how to tune into your body to understand your wants and needs.


  • “When you don’t fit in, you don’t survive. That’s the survival mechanism that’s instilled in us.” (15:55 – 16:01) 
  • “If someone is telling you they have all the answers to your problems, run away. If someone is not holding their ideas very loosely, or if they don’t refer to them as an experiment, or this is just something that has worked for me, run away, because they ain’t got it.” (20:06 – 20:23) 
  • “If you only go with the status quo, you don’t know that when you go to that person, you’re only going to get regurgitated thoughts. It’s just the ability to reason and to think for yourself and to be able to speak to what your truth is, even though it’s uncomfortable.” (33:54 – 34:40) 
  • “Our body is constantly sending us messages. Our mind is constantly sending us messages, but we’re so busy distracting ourselves from these messages because they are uncomfortable. That’s the thing. They’re uncomfortable, and it’s going to be uncomfortable a lot of the time. The only way to know what your line is is to tune in.” (45:33 – 45:53) 
  • “The moment you start to think, “Oh, yeah, I’m giving the people what they want, this is what they need to hear,” that’s when you’ve separated yourself. You’ve created that separateness.” (1:08:32 – 1:08:42) 
  • “Enoughness is just a place of acceptance. It doesn’t mean that you want to stay there or mean it’s the best way to be. It allows you to grow and evolve into something else because you’re not resisting what is.” (1:13:51 – 1:14:07) 


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