Episode 64: 10 Facts About Human Origins That Will Blow Your Mind with Matt LaCroix

April 13, 2022

“Our timeline of civilization is at least double, if not far more than double, the age of what we know,” says Matt LaCroix, Writer, Philosopher, and Scientist. Since the age of twenty-two, Matt has written two books and is currently working on a third related to physics, quantum physics, and unknown histories of ancient civilizations. Although he writes about complex topics, Matt writes in a digestible way while encouraging his readers to investigate deeper about human history. 

According to Matt, sophisticated human civilizations had risen and fallen way before the year we were taught humanity was born. By walking through the lost civilizations’ surviving texts and megalithic landmarks, Matt makes a case for our history being way more involved than we previously believed. Although Matt’s theories go against the mainstream, he encourages the listeners to have an open mind, research for themselves, and recognize that this is the greatest time to be alive.

Tune into the inaugural episode of A Little Impolite Podcast, formerly known as Mind, Body, Business, for an illuminating conversation on the most mind-blowing facts about human history. Learn more about the real origins of human beings, the truth behind Atlantis and the Egyptian Pyramids, and why this information is excluded from our education system.


  • “We need to understand science, geology, and climate and have a basis for some of those things. But we need to be open-minded and say, “Well, maybe this thing isn’t quite right, and maybe this thing isn’t quite right.” We need to rethink how these pieces fit in.” (9:26 – 9:46) 
  • “All around the world, we have these ancient megalithic civilizations that created these massive block temples and pyramids that are so sophisticated and aligned to the stars in the Earth’s energy centers that we still don’t understand how they did it.” (23:39 – 24:00) 
  • “Our civilization timeline is at least double, if not far more than double, the age of what we know.” (27:12 – 27:19)
  • “There’s these great secret societies and empires that have been battling throughout history to erase the other side to rewrite the entire story.” (1:02:00 – 1:02:07)
  • “Imagine 8 billion co-creators coming together with their consciousness and raising it to a certain vibrational level. We will evolve our consciousness to the next stages and have the technological means to prevent our own destruction.” (1:46:59 – 1:47:13)
  • “We are so much more advanced than we’re told. And we can reach something multi-dimensional, something that’s beyond the physical form.” (1:47:18 – 1:47:30)
  • “So understand that all the darkness and all the evil that exists here today…understand that this is the greatest time in all of human history to be alive.” (1:49:30 – 1:49:57) 


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