Why You Need to Focus on Quantity

August 14, 2021

The typical answer to this question is that quality, above all else, should come first and foremost. At Sprout Connectors, we hold a slightly “different” view: quantity, especially when first beginning to build your brand, should be the main metric of focus – not quality, per se.

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, let us explain.

Quantitative Thinking Destroys Procrastination:

“Don’t do a half-a** job.” You’ve probably heard that a few times growing up, usually on the behalf of your parents. We couldn’t agree more – a job “half” done may as well not be done at all. Here’s where we get into some interesting territory, though. At what point is the job “fully” completed? At what point can you be confident that you’ve put in enough effort for your pops to consider it a “full-a**”?

Oftentimes, when we first consider starting some new endeavor, we’re bombarded with questions, “How does that work? How long will that take? How do I learn this skill? What are my goals regarding this?” You get the point; it’s very easy to be burdened by what’s commonly coined “analysis paralysis”.

The reason we recommend focusing on quantity first is to make “analysis paralysis” obsolete; trying to create something of immaculate quality NEVER happens day one. It is an iterative process – it takes time for your efforts to snowball into something incredible.

Let’s take Apple, for example. It wasn’t the titan of personal computers week one. You can say the same for almost every large, ingenious company – Tesla, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Ford – all of them started relatively small, not being able to provide the same degree of quality that they now distribute.

If you don’t start somewhere, you’ll never start at all.

Quality is a Function of Quantity:

Let’s make one thing clear: quality matters just as much as quantity; in fact, the point we’re trying to get across is that quality is a function of quantity.

Quantitatively releasing blogs/articles of decent effort will eventually culminate into something of tremendous QUALITY. If we look at the all-time greats in terms of technological revolution, who comes to mind? Those at the forefront are typically Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison; Nikola Tesla had accumulated 300+ patents in his life, while Edison accumulated 1000+. Both numbers are substantial, and thus it points to the quantitative aspects of their work.

Would you be able to name all 300 of Tesla’s patents? Certainly not, but his alternating current motor sure stands out. What about Edison? Could you rattle off all 1093 of his patents? Doubtful, but you definitely remember the lightbulb.

To summarize this succinctly: quality is merely a function of quality. The more you practice something, the more you create, your quality intrinsically improves, its sheer mathematics, practice (Quantity) makes perfect (Quality), if you will.
So, remember: you need to start somewhere. Don’t be so caught up in being perfect that you miss the Friday releases of your blogs. Don’t be so caught up in being immaculate that you’re still planning on “starting next month” a year from now. Quantity, with consistent output, will eventually – and inevitably – lead to Quality.

Your Next Steps:

Instead of just leaving you with some interesting theories on how this MIGHT work, we’re going to offer you some steps you can start taking TODAY in order to kickstart whatever it is you’re wanting to get going. Out with theory, in with practicality, so you can get started on your next great invention.

  1. Clarify your goals.

Whether you’re starting a blog for your shoe store, or you’re beginning building your personal brand, you need a clear direction of where to go. Set some reasonable goals regarding where you want this new endeavor to bring you in 3 months, 6 months, and a year.

  1. Start by starting.

Just take the plunge, stop staring at the water, jump! No good thing ever came about by waiting forever to get started. As we referenced above, the greatest thinkers and tinkerers of our time, didn’t sit around and ruminate perpetually on that great idea, they set about, they tinkered, they experimented, they started. Over time and consistent repetitions, their tinkering slowly improved. 

  1. Fall in love with the process

You will not invent the next lightbulb overnight. You will not write that perfect sonata in one sitting. Fall in love with the process of creating something and the lessons learned along the way. The failures you encounter will be tomorrow’s lessons learned. Detach from the outcome of the success and instead focus on the pleasure of the quantitative iterations of becoming.

  1. Set goals

Setting goals provides us with a GPS and a motivation to arrive. True success is all about working towards meaningful goals and dreams.  Focus and precision with a predetermined objective in mind enables our subconscious to generate results and achievements, without these coordinated (goals) we wander aimlessly and grow weary fast. Setting goals will focus your acquisition of knowledge, and help you to organize your time and your resources so that you can make the most of your next big thing.

  1. Perfectly imperfect is simply perfect

No matter how hard you try you will never be able to reach perfection. It is impossible to achieve – why would you anyway, if perfection was attainable, none of us would have a reason to continue because we already achieved perfection. In fact, perfection itself is detrimental to our well-being. We would grow idle, fat, and lazy if we achieved perfection. Instead, focus on iterative results that incrementally improve. Our job is to perpetually create a better version of ourselves in every instance of our lives, our relationships, our businesses, ourselves.

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Your goals and dreams lie on your shoulders. You can make them become a reality, but it won’t happen in one day; it starts with consistently making small gains. Eventually, those gains will begin to compound, and you’ll experience exponential growth.

The most important thing is to start. Breathe life into your brand!

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