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August 14, 2021

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Who is Kathleen Gage?

Kathleen is a vegan advocate who helps individuals and businesses alike transform their paradigms into the positive domain through a switch in lifestyle from the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) to one with a foundation in plant foods.

To give you an idea of the caliber of Kathleen, at the age of 60 years old she picked up running; this alone is worthy of recognition, but, what’s more astounding, is the fact that she ran a full marathon merely a year later – all while being fueled by purely plants.

3 Reasons You NEED to Watch This Podcast:

1. Learn how plants can allow you to live a more healthful life.

Discover how you could be missing out on your best life by intaking processed foods and meat.

2. Learn how food industries have brainwashed us.

Learn how massive food conglomerates have brainwashed the population into believing that the diet of which they’re partaking is positively impacting their health. (Here’s a secret: it’s doing the EXACT opposite!)

3. Hear Kathleen’s story and experience with veganism.

Hear from the veganism proponent herself. Learn why she made the switch and what incredible benefits manifested as a result.


  • How Does A Good Diet Help Soccer Players: 04:26
  • Why People Eat Meat: 05:33
  • Kathleen’s Motivation To Being Plant-Based: 07:02
  • What Is Happy Meat Versus Unhappy Meat: 09:27
  • What Is A Bait Dog: 10:52
  • Kathleen’s Journey As A Plant-Based: 11:22
  • The Distinction Between A Vegan And A Plant-Based Diet: 11:41
  • Who Is A Vegan: 11:55
  • What Does It Mean To Be Plant-Based: 12:13
  • Importance Of Being Plant-Based: 13:07
  • When Did Humans Stop Eating A Plant-Based Diet: 16:06
  • Commercials Trigger The Purchase Of Things That Are Bad For Us: 18:42
  • The Invisibility Project: 23:15
  • Kathleen’s Work With Organizations: 24:28
  • Why There Is Politics Around Plant-Based Eating: 27:14
  • Mob Mentality About Diets: 29:39
  • Requirements For A Plant-Based Eater: 32:28
  • Benefits Of A Plant-Based Diet: 33:52
  • Starting A Plant-Based Diet: 35:43
  • Why Is Alcohol Bad: 38:52
  • Our Bodies Are Not Designed For Meat: 43:36
  • Is Soy Harmful To Your Body: 45:46
  • The Outside Is A Reflection Of What Is Going On In The Inside: 47:57
  • You Become What You Consume: 49:15
  • The Cost-Benefit Ratio Of Running A Cattle Farm Versus A Plant-Based Farm: 51:34
  • How To Reach Out To People Outside The Inclusive Audience: 56:15
  • About Kathleen: 59:02
  • Go With Intuition When Deciding What Is Good To Consume: 1:02:31
  • Kathleen’s Take On Global Warming: 1:03:32

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