Comparison is Killing You!

August 14, 2021

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Who are Lisa & Deevo?

Lisa and Deevo are visual storytellers, serial entrepreneurs, photographers, videographers, social-media-experts, the owners of Sprout Connectors, the hosts of the MBB Podcast, and philosophical thought leaders.

Their goals are to help you help the world by uncovering your superpowers to be unleashed upon the planet. They believe each and every human being has the potential to be a world-changer, it’s only a matter of fulfilling their potential.

3 Things This Podcast Will Teach You:

1. Learn how you can transcend your preconceived limits.

Discover the secrets to creating unparalleled results.

2. Learn how to produce works that are parallel with the greats’.

Learn how the greats of our time and times past created their masterpieces; gain the framework for your own use.

3. Hear why Deevo and Lisa so strongly believe in this framework.

Listen to Deevo and Lisa dispense facts regarding why this methodology is successful.


  • Quantity leads to quality: 1:15
  • Consistent progress leads to proficiency: 2:04
  • Through quantity, quality manifests: 2:34
  • You have to keep practicing: 3:59
  • Done is better than perfect: 5:07
  • Quality is a function of quantity: 5:54
  • Experience (and quantity) leads to quality clients: 7:55
  • Focused and purposeful quantity leads to quality: 9:03
  • Set a metric, show up regularly: 11:44
  • Focus on the craft: 13:44
  • You have to go through the motions: 17:04
  • As your quantity increases, your quality increases: 18:29
  • Ambiguous action doesn’t create success: 21:52
  • Don’t focus on perfection: 22:49
  • Purposeful practice makes perfect: 24:15

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