Daniel Mangena – Transcend Your Outdated Paradigms

July 27, 2021

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Who is Daniel Mangena?

Daniel Mangena is a (best-selling) author, public speaker, inspirator & motivator, and a completely self-made man on the path of helping others lead fulfilling, happy, and purposeful lives. Dan coaches individuals on how to become the pinnacle of what their potential offers, instead of simply squandering it as so many people in today’s world do. He shows others what is truly possible, and gives them the tools necessary to build those dreams into tangible realizations.

The Potential Within You:

You have tremendous potential lying dormant within your very soul.

It’s up to you – and ONLY you – to show it the light, to awaken it in its fullest glory. Guides such as Daniel can help lead the way, point you in the right direction, and offer clues when it seems as though all is lost; but, ultimately, it comes down to you, and what YOU are willing to do to succeed. All of the encouragement in the world won’t “force” you to get out of bed. It is your choice as to whether or not you want to utilize that encouragement as fuel for your engine, as it is also your choice to decide if you will even turn said engine on.

What we want to make very clear is this: should you turn your engine on, the door to infinitude splays wide open. Take the next step and jump through that doorway, into your future. Have faith that facing your fears will only result in a positive outcome – there is no other alternative.

Unearth the potential buried within you; step into the fray, drop your shoulder, and blast through the glass ceiling you have laid upon yourself.


  • Drop attachment to “fancy” woke words: 7:19
  • The utility of competition: 8:38
  • Collaboration is good business: 12:06
  • The importance of being tested: 15:45
  • Do people really have free will: 17:50
  • Have our labels already been written: 20:15
  • Don’t be bothered by how others use their tools: 25:40
  • Is it your responsibility to share your perspective: 27:40
  • Butting heads playfully is positive: 31:50
  • It’s good to challenge those close to you: 34:00
  • What is reality transferring: 35:23
  • How do you live a purposeful life: 38:24
  • How do you handle someone who is nihilistic: 40:22
  • How do you help someone rise out of their hole: 41:10
  • Contentment doesn’t equal stagnation: 50:41
  • How do you change your energy levels: 51:40
  • You can’t heal others – they have to do it themselves: 55:11
  • People are immensely entitled today: 56:36
  • Don’t create yourself a job that pisses you off: 1:00:08
  • Are we in a simulation: 1:00:52
  • What are your expectations being fueled by: 1:03:56
  • We can’t control others, but we can control our responses: 1:05:50
  • What’s conscious creation: 1:08:25
  • You can become a quantum magnet: 1:10:00
  • Final thoughts: 1:16:00

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