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July 25, 2021

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Who is Andi Simon?

In Simon Associate’s words, “Andi Simon is a Corporate Anthropologist who helps executives see their companies with more observant eyes, achieve “aha!” moments, and discover new and profitable opportunities. By applying the concepts, methods, and tools of anthropology to business environments, she turns observation into innovation and revitalizes businesses seeking growth.”

And, to us, she is someone we could confidently call a friend; not only was the conversation we had on our podcast immaculate in its quality, but we can also say the same for our experience on her podcast. She is a highly intelligent individual who thinks (and cares) deeply of this world and the people inhabiting it. It was of our utmost pleasure to speak with her.

Why You Need to Tell Your Story:

Your story is IMPORTANT!

The world needs to hear it, and here’s why: there’s someone else out there that has suffered and prevailed in the same way you have. The only issue is, they think they’re alone in said journey; they think that there’s nobody else out there that could possibly relate to them, and therefore they think all is lost in finding some solace in others.

That’s why it is so – SO – important to share your stories. It is stories that connect us to one another, it is stories that create and develop relationships. Stories are at the foundation of everything we do as human beings, so make sure you share yours.

Watch the full podcast here.


  • Who are Lisa & Deevo: 1:20
  • What’s Lisa’s story: 2:48
  • What’s Deevo’s Story: 5:20
  • Find what resonates with you: 9:10
  • There has to be pain before there can be proof: 10:05
  • Play the long game: 12:47
  • It’s okay to not know where we’re going: 13:58
  • Be willing to embrace pain: 15:22
  • Acquiring a personal identity after 30 years: 17:32
  • When the student is ready the message arrives: 20:05
  • There is no such thing as a straight trajectory: 23:10
  • Covid has unearthed new questions: 27:15
  • We need a tribe: 28:35
  • We need to do a self-audit: 32:20
  • It matters how you tell your story: 34:30
  • Covid has pushed us out of our comfort zones: 36:47

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