Favorite Child Syndrome

July 20, 2021

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Who Are Lisa & Deevo?

Lisa and Deevo are visual storytellers, serial entrepreneurs, photographers, videographers, social-media-experts, the owners of Sprout Connectors, the hosts of the MBB Podcast, and philosophical thought leaders.

Their goals are to help you help the world by uncovering your superpowers to be unleashed upon the planet. They believe each and every human being has the potential to be a world-changer, it’s only a matter of fulfilling their potential.

Is it Beneficial to be Favorited?

Should being the favorite be a preferred locus? What does that mean for one’s mental state, performance, and risk-aversion?

Being the favorite has many implications, both positive and negative. To what degree said favoritism was exemplified also matters a great deal. For example, if your favoritism was clearly orders of magnitude higher than any of your other siblings (or associates), it could result in a conflicting relationship with them.

There are many variables to consider when asking such a question. Although, generally speaking, these are the common positive aspects that manifest themselves when favorited: increased confidence, easier resource aggregation, relationships require less maintenance, more leeway regarding deadlines, and networking is significantly less difficult (amongst those of similar status).

Some of the cons include: higher pressure to perform, greater consequences upon failure, and alienation from the group.

What’s important to remember, above all else, is that you DO NOT have to be the favorite in order to move forward in the world. It is rare that any individual is automatically dubbed the “fav” by happenstance – said individual has usually accomplished some task/provided some value to make the other party favor them – something of which you are entirely capable of doing, as well.


  • Deevo is the Favorite Child: 1:50
  • Deevo’s Experiences as a Kid: 6:00
  • How Being the Favorite Affects Someone: 9:10
  • Being the Favorite Affects Ego: 11:20
  • You Can Become the Favorite by Breaking the Mold: 14:02
  • How to Deal With an Unfavorited Client: 17:49
  • The Main Takeaways: 19:50
  • Don’t Overextend Yourself: 21:12

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