Jason Christoff: We’re Under Mind Control

July 17, 2021

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Who Is Jason?

Jason Christoff is a self-sabotage coach, a thought leader, and an outspoken individual on the topic of COVID-19. Jason is interviewed across the world every month, appearing on various podcasts and radio shows, regarding his highly effective methods for overcoming self-sabotage, losing weight, and how to rise up to your full potential.

Jason’s words have created massive waves, all emanating from the epicenter we call social media. Although these organizations have been infected with corruption, Christoff still managed to release valuable and insightful information on the topic of COVID-19 (and its constituents) through their speakerphones.

How Can We Stop All This?

How can we stop the crawling rancidity of the ideas being pushed through the medium of corporate-controlled outlets such as CNN, Fox News, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other related channels for media?

It’s really simple… GET OFF.

We’re in a constant state of overstimulation thanks to the overly abundant availability of content that does nothing but steal our attention and energy. Instead of reading Descartes, we’re stuck on IG reels mindlessly viewing videos of individuals singing and dancing to the newest pop-hit. Instead of learning a new, valuable skill, we’re instead ruminating on the fact that we’re not as attractive as some IG model that has her photos professionally photoshopped.

When we bring COVID into the mix, things get weird… really weird. Most people believe that these corporations might’ve won the battle, but certainly didn’t win the war. The opposite is true. They’ve won by causing a massive polarity in the general population; instead of seeing your neighbor Jerry as an interesting guy holding views unique from your own, you now see him as an example of what natural selection failed to weed out.

We are the ones that give these parties power. We are the ones that allow Mark Zuckerberg to have free rein over the parameters judging what counts as incursions into our private information.

It starts, and ends, at you – make your choice.


  • COVID-19 Is Just A Catalyst In The Global Take Over: 3:08
  • Media’s Role In Forming Beliefs And Ideas: 4:53
  • 30% Of The Population Is Vulnerable To Do What The TV Says: 7:17
  • Examples Of How People Are Being Hypnotized By TV And Movie Screens: 7:23
  • The Basis For Mind Control: 8:37
  • Not All People Can Be Hypnotized: 14:12
  • The Average Person Is Under Mind Control: 16:53
  • Should You Stop Drinking Coffee: 20:24
  • 93% Of A Person’s Behavior Is Controlled By The Subconscious: 22:26
  • Fear Gives Full Control To The Subconscious: 23:21
  • Coffee Is Liquid Fear In A Cup: 24:01
  • The Attack Happening Now Is Financial: 26:15
  • Tesla Value On The Stock Market Is Above What It Should Be: 35:38
  • COVID-19 Is A Financial Attack: 36:16
  • How To Reprogram: 39:12
  • The Dangers Of Ultrasound: 40:36
  • How Can 50% Of People Hold A Righteous Perspective While The Other 50% Cannot: 45:11
  • The Swabs Are Used To Start A Genetic Data Bank: 47:43
  • Why Has Cancer Increased: 48:10
  • Is The Human Species Doomed: 52:37
  • What Can People Do To Survive This: 1:00:12
  • Jason’s Take On Women Being Hypnotized: 1:05:34
  • Who Is Jason Christoff: 1:07:29

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  1. I saw a little sticker I really liked corner Melrose and Monkland and am looking you up… are you here in Montreal… I like what you wrote — I’m a Montreal artist, musician, singer/songwriter — you might like my album — FREEDOM — check out my website if your’e interested — also do you have any more of those little stickers… would love to spread them around — been collaborating with Druthers since last year…
    I started writing this comment a few days ago…today I noticed your sticker corner Melrose & Monkland has already been removed… I experienced the same thing last year with some info on masks… take care and thank you for coming forward and expressing the truth… I read today that the only thing that will work is to make citizen’s arrests… no idea how to do this…
    How can we access your timestamps?

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