Take Crisis Management Into Your Hands – Dr. Kjell Hovik

June 26, 2021

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Who Is Dr. Hovik?

Dr. Kjell is a psychologist specializing in clinical neuropsychology. Kjell took his doctorate on emotional, thought, and behavior problems in youth with development disorders. He received the distinguished Ph.D. of the Year award for his thesis dissertation in 2017.

Currently, Mr. Hovik works at a Norwegian care facility that specializes in treating young adults and teenagers that are burdened by mental disorders. He has co-authored 17 peer-reviewed academic articles in the space of behavior regulation.

Hovik, alongside his academic peer Dr. Jennifer Love, co-authored a book by the name of “When Crisis Strikes”. The two distinguished psychologists flesh out how to properly deconstruct life-altering circumstances so individuals can once again return to a normal, social, and fulfilling life that is separate from daily emotional catastrophe.

Crisis & Opportunity:

What is life? What is this odd, overly complicated reality?

These are the types of questions you ask yourself when immersed in particularly catastrophic circumstances. While the death of your father, husband, or child is nothing but a tragedy, an equally opposite opportunity lies dormant; as we dive into the ocean of being, we recognize the beautiful, yet sometimes tragic nature of life. This is because one cannot exist without the other.

Now, back to the tragic incident that has befallen you: when we say there lies an opportunity in the midst of such horror, that is due to the function of duality. These atrocious modalities of being are just that, but with the left comes the right. What we mean by this is that these negative aspects of human existence (and existence in general) open the door for the complete opposite; it is our prerogative to choose whether or not to fully realize said opening of doors.

It is because there is slavery that we have the opportunity for freedom. It is because we have death that there is life. It is because we have lows that there are highs. You see, each aspect of existence also realizes its diametric opposite; with this understanding comes the knowledge that it is inevitable some sort of tragedy will enter into your life at some point or another. What’s more important to remember than anything else, though, is that on the other end of that tragedy lies the opportunity for a better life than previously.


  • Who is Dr. Kjell Hovik: 1:47
  • How Dr. Hovik Got Started: 4:35
  • Why Aren’t We More Proactive?: 6:40
  • Take Care Of Your SELF: 18:58
  • Everybody Is Very “Busy”: 21:40
  • How Does Our Stress Response Work?: 25:00
  • What Controls The Flight or Fight Response: 31:20
  • The Difference Between Sympathetic and Parasympathetic: 32:26
  • Step 1 In Overcoming Crisis: 33:45
  • Step 2 In Overcoming Crisis: 35:08
  • Step 3 In Overcoming Crisis: 37:07
  • How To Deal With A Breakup: 40:45
  • Steps 4 & 5 In Overcoming Crisis: 49:10
  • Internal Vs. External Control: 52:30
  • Step 5 Of Overcoming Crisis, In Detail: 55:00
  • Why Isn’t Conventional Medicine Preventative?: 58:00
  • Ending Thoughts: 1:04:43

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