Judy Mikovits: We Need a Resurgence of Critical Thinking

June 21, 2021

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Who Is Judy Mikovits:

Judy Mikovits is a Ph.D. research scientist who valiantly opposes restrictions and the enforcement of vaccines correlating to the COVID-19 debacle. She has been a recipient of immense hatred since bringing to light the glaring issues at hand in regards to the authoritarian and dystopian measures taken upon civilians across the planet.

Judy has held strong with immense fortitude throughout the unrelenting attacks thrown her way; In spite of the concrete evidence Judy has provided, academics, politicians, and typical civilians alike refuse to acknowledge her work’s worth and digress to personal attacks as a means of retaining their egotistical perspectives of being right.

Your Safety, My Responsibility?

In a free society, it is a human’s right to do what he or she pleases whilst refraining from directly negatively impacting another individual. This means it is your right to build a business, dress how I please, and own whatever I want (with the exception of other humans, of course) This also means it is your responsibility to refrain from shooting another individual or assaulting an elderly person and conducting grand theft auto.

The parameters of our responsibilities, though, can become blurred; for example, many individuals believe it is other people’s responsibility to wear a mask or get vaccinated as a means of preventing them from acquiring a particular disease or virus.

This is where the line is drawn (in fact, it’s drawn quite a bit further back). Here’s why: unless you’re actually going around, infected with an airborne virus, coughing on people purposefully, it is not your responsibility to stay confined to your home whilst others enjoy their freedom. It is ESPECIALLY unfair to expect someone who holds no symptoms to stay cordoned off in their home.

The entire Covid debacle, despite which side of the spectrum you may reside, can be summarized in one sentence: the seizure of others’ rights to retain (deceptively) one’s own; the issue lies here: everyone is an individual, and that “other” is simply you from another person’s perspective. So, while you may think you’re valiantly upholding the rights of individuals, you’re actually suspending them off of a ledge, overlooking a very, very deep ravine.


  • Introduction: 0:50
  • The Fringes Tend to Often Be Correct: 1:53
  • What This Podcast Is About: 2:20
  • We’ve Been Trained to Not Question the Common Narrative: 4:30
  • What Happened to Judy Mikovits: 5:12
  • Science Is Great When People Work Together: 8:50
  • The Absurdity of Vaccine “Incentives”: 11:10
  • How Long Does The Vaccine Testing Process Typically Take: 13:50
  • What Is The Endgame With These Vaccines: 18:14
  • This Vaccine Alters Gene Expression: 19:30
  • We’re Being Injected With a Trigger: 21:48
  • What’s The True Purpose of the Injections?: 22:55
  • We Are Speeding Up Aging: 24:35
  • Medicine Is Broken: 27:20
  • How Are Doctors So Divided?: 29:05
  • There’s So Much Shaming: 35:00
  • Be Willing to Lose Everything in the Pursuit of Truth: 36:06
  • Don’t Fear Those Injected: 45:10
  • What Is Vaccine Shedding: 45:48
  • Is There Going to be a Monumental Civil Divide?: 54:30
  • Just Start Asking questions: 58:05

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