Insincere Apologies Pave a Dangerous Road

June 21, 2021

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Who Are Lisa & Deevo:

Lisa and Deevo are visual storytellers, serial entrepreneurs, photographers, videographers, social-media-experts, the owners of Sprout Connectors, the hosts of the MBB Podcast, and philosophical thought leaders.

Their goals are to help you help the world by uncovering your superpowers to be unleashed upon the planet. They believe each and every human being has the potential to be a world-changer, it’s only a matter of fulfilling their potential.

The Importance of Truth

When you were a child, your parents (most likely) always told you, “Don’t lie!” or, “Lies will always come back to you.” Intuitively, it makes complete sense; lying seems like the wrong thing to do from a purely emotional standpoint. Although, from a rational and deconstructive perspective, it becomes a little more complicated.

Ask yourself the question: Why is it important to always tell the truth? Why shouldn’t someone such as myself or my spouse lie? Couldn’t it save us from an argument or general emotional turmoil? You’ll find that the answer doesn’t come immediately but instead must be contemplated.

Our conclusion is this: lying is obviously an act of deception; deception means you’re standing on uneasy ground and can’t possibly navigate your circumstances/overcome obstacles if you’re hoping to reach a positive solution. 

Here’s an example: let’s say you’re having an argument with your wife. She is emotionally distant and snappy towards you on a day-to-day basis; you ask her, rationally, “Why have you been so angry with me as of late?” Her response is, “Because you’re consistently failing to take out the trash even after I ask you for days on end. I always end up doing it.” So, you correct your course and begin taking out the trash consistently; yet, for whatever reason, she still remains angry with you.

You see, in this hypothetical circumstance, the wife is actually resenting her husband because he isn’t performing in a separate facet unbeknownst to him. For whatever reason, she didn’t tell him, and now not only has a significant portion of time been wasted, but the relationship has continued to deteriorate despite efforts put forth on the husband’s part.

Lying and insincerity lead individuals down a dead-ended path. Spare yourself the extreme long-term emotional stress by refusing to embellish your true feelings. Voluntarily step into momentary displeasure and conflict to thoroughly resolve a potentially catastrophic problem lying in the future.


  • Is Lisa a Crazy Psycho?: 0:53
  • Deevo on Apologizing Insincerely: 157
  • Sometimes You Need to Apologize and Bite the Bullet: 4:10
  • Should You Ever Apologize if You’re Insincere?: 5:30
  • It’s Not About the Issue at Hand but Winning, Instead: 6:55
  • Separate Yourself and Walk Away Before Reacting: 8:02
  • Make Sure to Clear the Air: 11:20
  • Avoid Conditional Apologies: 14:35
  • How to Defuse bad Arguments: 16:39

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