Stefanie Stavola: A Life Well-Lived!

June 10, 2021

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Who Is Stefanie:

Stefanie Stavola is a mompreneur, a 6-figure doTERRA specialist, a fashionista, a former corporate executive, a holistic-health advocate, and overall, one of the kindest human beings we’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with.

Following her escape from the corporate world nearly a decade ago, Stefanie swiftly began her trek into the realm of entrepreneurship. In the beginning, it was tough; there were so many options, and it was difficult to choose which route would be optimally suited for her. So, suspending fear and invigorating the courageous aspect of her soul, she started by handling the communication side in a healthcare professional’s office. It gave her time and freedom – something that was severely lacking in her previous occupation. Although, it was lackluster in one important facet: resource creation. She was just skimming by financially speaking and although she enjoyed the work, it simply didn’t provide her with enough disposable income.

So, she found doTERRA. Her first year in business gained her the “Rookie of the Year” achievement, and it was all smooth sailing from then on.

Living The Good Life – What Does That Mean?

Interestingly enough, it’s pretty rare for us human beings to seriously sit down and contemplate the question of, “What does it mean to live a good life?” Although, upon asking, we’re imbued with a degree of esoteric mysteriousness unique to the experience of fleshing out such existential questions.

We can attempt to understand the question on multiple different levels; some of which include: philosophical, physical, mental, conscious, and subconscious. Where we’ve failed, though, is coming up with a succinct theory that collectively answers all of these questions and strings the separate states of being together. To fully explain each modality of purpose in a comprehensible manner would take an entire book in each respect; so, instead, we can try our best to summarize it in one paragraph. Maybe “summarize” isn’t such a suitable definition but rather defining it as figuring out what the right question is to ask. The technicalities regarding how on can go about answering that question, though, is an entirely separate conundrum.

So, here’s our best shot at it: Victor Frankl once said, “Man’s purpose is not to find the meaning of life, but instead to give life meaning.” What that means, from our perspective, is that meaning/purpose is a subjective quality; purpose cannot be universal, at least with our current understanding of the universe, so it is up to us, in the present moment, to extract (and at the same time implement) meaning for what it is we’re doing. Maybe that’s religion for one person or athletics for another; whatever it may be, we urge you: go find your purpose and live true to it under any and all circumstances. 

Don’t stray from your path or risk absorbing a nihilistic perspective of this oh-so-beautiful world. To lose beauty… oh beauty… what a ghastly tragedy. Stay present, friends.

Strapped For Time? Here’s The TIMESTAMPS:

  • Are We Constantly Looking For more?: 5:13
  • If You Stay True To Yourself, Doors Open: 9:17
  • What Is The Definition of Success?: 14:43
  • When Stefanie Knew She Had to Leave Corporate: 21:28
  • How Important Is Being Around Quality People?: 29:48
  • Through Hard Work, You Can Do Anything: 34:16
  • How to Live a Life Well Lived: 39:05

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