Show Up, Then STAND OUT

May 31, 2021

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Lisa & Deevo: Who Are They?

Lisa and Deevo are visual storytellers, serial entrepreneurs, photographers, videographers, social-media-experts, the owners of Sprout Connectors, the hosts of the MBB Podcast, and philosophical thought leaders.

Their goals are to help you help the world by uncovering your superpowers to be unleashed upon the planet. They believe each and every human being has the potential to be a world-changer, it’s only a matter of fulfilling their potential.

How We Can Stand Out, And What That Means

An individual is capable of standing out in numerous ways; we can stand out by being inferior in certain respects, superior in others, or unequivocally average. None of these are “bad” or “good”, but instead part of a delicate balance.

Let’s look at a disproportionately disliked hero from the DC franchise. This is not based on objective findings, but instead on anecdotal accounts, but I do believe it to be accurate. Most people’s favorite superhero is NOT superman, because he lacks disadvantages to a large degree (with the exception of Kryptonite, of course). Lest we forget that there are many individuals who appreciate this particular superhero, but his popularity is disproportionately lower comparatively speaking to someone such as Wolverine.

Why is this the case? Why do we appreciate what could be seen as a “weaker” character in comparison to someone who has theoretically obtained all of the attributes we appreciate?

It is largely due to the lack of contrast in one’s disadvantages:advantages ratio.

Let’s look at a real-world example. We have two individuals in the NBA – they’re both from a similar economic background and they have had similar upbringings. Where the discrepancies lie is in regards to height – one of the individuals is 5’10” whilst the other is 6’10” tall. Although the 6’10” hypothetical character has the advantage from the outset, there is a reduced likelihood of him standing out compared to the physically disadvantaged person.

Here’s why: the smaller individual has a much larger hurdle to overcome comparatively. Despite your height, gaining admittance to the NBA is a daunting task. Acquiring a team seat while being 5’10”, though, is even more recognizable.

So, we understand that overcoming hurdles is what allows someone to stand out in the positive domain, instead of being advantaged from the outset. That is why rags-to-riches stories enamor us, while the recitation of how a rich kid bought a Lambo couldn’t mean less.

With this understanding, which admittedly is quite basic (although fundamental), a direction for our actions is revealed. If you want to stand out, get off the couch and go do something difficult; the laws governing our universe constitute a proportional (or disproportional) reward for the effort you’ve exerted.

The bite-sized bits right at your finger tips. Here’s the timestamps:

  • What’s This Podcast About: 2:00
  • It’s More Than JUST Showing Up: 2:35
  • There Are No Participation Ribbons: 3:30
  • Delivery Is Everything: 4:40
  • If You’re Selling to Everyone, You’re Selling to No One: 6:32
  • Loving What You Do Generates Better Results: 7:45
  • How Do You Find Your Purpose: 8:14
  • Once You Find Your Voice, You Can Be Confident: 11:07
  • It Always Comes Down to Value: 11:35
  • The Biggest Takeaways: 12:35

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