Margy Feldhuhn: Nothing Is More Important Than Connecting

May 22, 2021

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Who is Margy Feldhuhn

Margy Feldhuhn is the co-owner of Interview Connections. Interview Connections helps business owners and influencers alike be immersed into the field of podcasting, helping get their voice out there to a unique and interested audience. Currently, Margy is the CEO of said company which employs 12 full-time employees.

The testimonials from their clients are simply astounding. One professional recounts, “One podcast interview I was on generated over $100k in deals and business! I highly recommend Interview Connections for getting booked on high-quality podcasts.” It’s safe to say that Margy and her team understand the game of podcasting like no other. If you’re looking to get your voice out there, take it from us, go with Interview Connections.

Connections, Above All Else, Is What Matters

Plenty of us are interested in things – in material. We enjoy the fast cars, the big boats, and the nice clothes. We love to overindulge in sensational food while comfortably sitting on the $4000 couch in our oversized house, binge-watching our favorite series on our massive T.V.s. To be completely honest, there’s nothing inherently wrong with that. Where the issue lies is when we forget why we ACTUALLY desire these material possessions.

Let’s peel back the years and direct our attention to an earlier time – a “simpler” time. It’s 1908 and you’ve had a great year running your shoe repair shop, plenty of businessmen rolled through needing their snake-skin shoes mended or shined (the tips were great). You’ve been profiting tremendously from said venture and now have a sizable pile of disposable income to do with what you please; your family is taken care of, your house is paid off, and sufficient food hasn’t been an issue for years – you just need to come up with what to do with all these extra dollar bills!

Then, you see it. One of your friends, who also happens to be an entrepreneur, purchases something called an “internal combustion engine automobile”. Its name is the Model T. You’d heard of such inventions before, but their price-points were simply too out of reach. The Model T, though, was something you could afford, but still, most “average” people couldn’t. You wanted it because of the speed – like no horse or buggy out there, you wanted it because of the style – clean, unlike your friend’s horses, you wanted it because of the status – onlookers would view you akin to celebrities.

Okay, I’m bringing it back around, don’t worry – this story DOES have meaning behind it.

Ask yourself, do we truly desire speed? Or do we desire merely to go faster than others? There is no benchmark for what’s fast enough to make us joyous. The Model T had a top speed of 40 mph – every single vehicle in today’s world can accelerate past that.

My point is this: it isn’t what we have that makes us happy – it isn’t anything material – but instead the experiences generated with our peers as a result of obtaining said material possessions. The material isn’t what makes us happy, but instead how others think and interact with us as a result. And that, at the end of the day, is what’s most important – the interactions we have with others.

I’m not making a case for shiny things generating better relationships or human interactions, I’m simply displaying the incontestable fact that at the base of everything we do, it is to impress or develop positive relationships with other human beings. Were you the last person alive on planet earth, would your Rolex really matter? Would you cherish it as you concurrently do? What about your Ferrari, how long would it take you to become utterly disinterested in it?

Have the shiny things, drive the nice cars, and eat the fattening yet oh so good food. But, remember above all else, that it isn’t these things that bring fulfillment to your life, but instead, it’s those who you experience these material wonders. It’s people that matter, and the moments we share with them – not things.

Short on time? Here are some timestamps covering the most important points:

  • How Grief And Loss Empowered Margy To Be An Entrepreneur: 2:15
  • Losing My Dad Transformed Me: 7:07
  • Power And Success Exist In What Is Seen As The Worst Thing Possible: 8:03
  • The Small Scalable Victories Eventually Become A Success: 8:41
  • It Is Important To Have The Skill To Push Through Every Time You Fail: 9:47
  • Stuff My Dad Was Hoarding: 14:55
  • Margy’s Level Of Minimalism: 18:26
  • Having A Clean Environment Is Self-Care: 18:45
  • I Don’t Like Monetizing My Passions: 21:59
  • The Parallel Between Age And Hoarding: 22:50
  • A Lot Of Behavior Will Manifest In Different Types Of Dysfunctions: 24:53
  • How To Make It In The Podcasting World: 26:49
  • Why Margy Chose To Podcast: 29:31
  • I Do Believe In The Power Of Podcast To Change Lives: 33:24
  • Why Entrepreneurs Need Podcasts: 33:54
  • Why Do A Show: 37:52
  • The Common Thread Between Success And Grief: 38:13
  • Importance Of Storytelling In Podcasts: 40:32
  • I Do Believe In Self-Manifestation: 43:56
  • How To Vet Clients And Shows: 48:51
  • Recommendations On Guesting And Hosting When The Budget Is Limited: 51:28
  • The Hiring Process At Interview Connections: 55:04

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