Lisa & Deevo: Relationships – Don’t Get Them Wrong!

May 19, 2021

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Who are Lisa & Deevo?

Lisa and Deevo are visual storytellers, serial entrepreneurs, photographers, videographers, social-media-experts, the owners of Sprout Connectors, the hosts of the MBB Podcast, and philosophical thought leaders.

Their goals are to help you help the world by uncovering your superpowers to be unleashed upon the planet. They believe each and every human being has the potential to be a world-changer, it’s only a matter of fulfilling their potential.

Why Relationships Are SO Important

You’re walking through a crowded mall while the smell of deep-fried, delicious food inhabits your nose; you’re checking out everything there is to purchase – there are SO many options, it’s nearly overwhelming; briefcases, luggage, a new suit, phone cases, Zippos, joggers, Jordans – it’s all sitting there almost glistening. You watch couples discuss what the other should wear, you see a young boy trying on shoes with his father watching nearby. People are immersed in the environment of consumption.

Then, it happens. You lock eyes with a popup kiosk worker. A larger-than-life smile slides onto their face as if it was pulled out of an overfilled bag, completely composed of overly animated expressions. You know what’s coming next – an uncomfortable and pressing conversation where all they’re trying to do is get you to pull out that precious credit card and swipe away.

Nothing else really matters to them, and that’s the issue. That’s why you’ll never pull out your card. Because you understand that this relationship, albeit small, is completely based upon the other’s self-serving desires.

Chances are, you’ve found yourself in a very similar situation previously. You can relate to the unbounded feeling of uncomfortability that wafts through the air. There’s a reason for that: the relationship is inauthentic. All they want to do is sell you something – all they want, the vast majority of the time, is your economic energy (those dollar bills).

There’s nothing more important than good, authentic relationships. Even with, or especially with, your customers or clients. Developing authentic and deep relationships with your customers will be the difference between them spending $1000s instead of mere $100s.

People don’t buy from robots, they don’t buy from thieves, and they don’t buy from people they dislike. But they’ll damn near empty their wallets for someone whose company they GENUINELY enjoy. Be that person.

Be the person who pulls others in. Be the person who is generous, be the person who wants the best for the client, be the person who puts people before money. Be the person that develops strong, meaningful relationships.

Bless your ears by checking out this one – it’s what we like to call a “paradigm-shifter”.

Leading a busy life? Here are some timestamps covering the most notable parts:

  • How Negative Relationships Affect Our Personal Lives: 2:50
  • How to Deal With Client Relationships: 6:00
  • The Client Needs Insights Into The Process: 8:25
  • Is The Customer Always Right?: 9:45
  • You Need to Deconstruct Your Subconscious Precepts: 12:00
  • Diplomacy Goes Further Than An Iron Fist: 14:10
  • Communicate And Confront The Issue: 16:42
  • Our Egos Block The Solution: 18:32
  • Negativity Breeds Negativity: 21:10
  • Shower People With Kindness: 22:35
  • Like Attracts Like: 23:10
  • What Makes A Successful Relationship: 25:28
  • Treat Everyone With A Same Base-Level Of Respect: 28:10

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