Michelle Schaffer: Empowering Women to Fulfill Their Potential.

May 10, 2021

Who is Michelle Schaffer?

Michelle Schaffer is the owner of Girl Power Alliance (a company that specializes in helping women reach their full potential), a podcast host, a biblical leadership expert, a faith influencer, and an author. She is a thought-leader in the realm of personal development, specifically in harnessing teaching women how to harness their feminine energy so they can “10x their income, 10x their impact, and 10x their faith”. 

She is an intelligent woman who has put in the work to fully understand her craft; her self-proclaimed journey is to now help those who need a hand in overcoming the obstacles she has already bested. Having a guide, a group, or a mentor who has already experienced the same issues as you is essentially paramount to speed up the process of improving your wellbeing. Instead of spending years trying to figure it out, just as they had, throw your learning into hyperdrive and be the student of those who already experience success.

Teaching women how to 10x their income, 10x their impact, and 10x their faith.

All of us, at one point or another, are befallen with some degree of suffering. It fluctuates – it’s never in stasis. The day-to-day suffering we experience is trivial comparatively speaking to the death of a loved one or related experiences. The toaster has broken – oh no! What might at first seem like a massive ordeal simply pales in comparison to the loss of something you truly love.

What these large life-altering bouts of pain result in is deepened perspective. We may experience these hardships and, in the moment, be completely stricken by their sheer incomprehensibility. Although, once the emotions have subsided to some degree, we can look at them from a rational point of view and choose to understand them.

It’s like this: let’s say a loved one passes away – your entire life is flipped upside down. Maybe it’s for years, maybe it’s for months – who can say. What happens, if you’re aware, is you gain the capability to look at the previously large problems in your life (traffic, the toaster breaking, your kid acting up) and see it in an entirely new light. You realize the near insignificance of such events. Now, instead of becoming emotionally burdened upon their manifestation, you can instead act and react in a rational, joyful matter.

To summarize this idea in the broadest sense possible: suffering and pain opens the door to the exact opposite. Every obstacle reveals a new opportunity to learn, grow, or profit. It’s people such as Michelle and her company, the Girl Power Alliance, that teaches people how to reveal an obstacle’s true nature – opportunity.

See your pain for what it is, and decide to grow instead of deteriorate.

Stop procrastinating and give this podcast a watch RIGHT NOW – you won’t regret it.

Here are some timestamps if you’re short on time:

  • Michelle’s Experience in The Corporate World: 4:15
  • Background on Girl Power Alliance: 4:42
  • The Motivation Behind Girl Power Alliance: 5:47
  • What Does “God’s Speaking to Me” Mean?: 9:45
  • Is God a He: 14:02
  • Michelle’s Thoughts On Male-Centric Issues: 15:26
  • How to Connect Virtually: 21:26
  • The Response to Michelle’s Dark Secret: 24:10
  • What Is Authentic Marketing: 26:37
  • The Current Happenings May Have Insidious Intentions: 30:30
  • Women in the Global Revival: 35:06
  • Men and Masculinization: 39:16
  • There Is NO PROGRESS Without PAIN: 42:08
  • We Don’t Want to be Governed by a Few: 44:42
  • How Can a Business Owner Survive Right Now: 46:56
  • The Death-Count Hasn’t Been Impacted By C-19: 48:49
  • How to be a Source of Hope to Others: 50:28
  • How to be a Part of the Girl Power Alliance: 53:16

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