Divorce: The Awkward Aftermath of Silence

March 23, 2021

Lisa and Deevo are both digital creators, uber-successful photographers, game-changing entrepreneurs, and deeply curious individuals. The two of them recently tied the knot and made it official – a phenomenal decision due to how well they work together. From building their own brands to their collaboration on creating Sprout Connectors, basically, everything they touch turns to gold.

Deevo and Lisa Staff on the MBB Podcast
Deevo and Lisa Staff on the MBB Podcast

On today’s podcast, they wanted to shift the conversation in a different direction – the two of them wanted to discuss their past divorce’s with their previous spouses, how they dealt with it, and what they learned as a result.

Divorce can be a touchy subject for many people; Lisa and Deevo shuck the awkwardness to the side and head full-bore into this topic with the intention of addressing this all too common elephant in the room. They’ve gone about facing the dragon head-on not only to figure out what really happened themselves but to potentially help any divorcees listening on their path to a better future.

Deevo and Lisa Staff of Sprout Connectors podcast on divorce

When most couples think about divorce, they probably tend to mull over the obvious shit, the end of the marriage of course, if there are kids, who gets custody, financial bullshit, who gets the sofa and the blender, and of course the dog, who gets the dog?

But there is collateral damage as well, and this collateral damage can be toxic and hurtful and typically it extends beyond the obvious of just you and your partner… like when your friends and even your family choose sides.

This can be tricky, because some of your most fundamental friendships as an adult are formed as part of the unit you were formerly attached to…your friends from your daughter’s soccer team, parents at your kids’ schools that you see in the carpool everyday, neighbors, church, the coed softball team, game night, etc.

Following divorce, the context of everything changes. All those group gatherings, potlucks and after softball drinks turn into solo engagements and third wheel awkwardness, and worse, black balled awkwardness because “some asshole didnt have the balls to stand up and be your friend.” (07:36)

Listen as Lisa and Deevo take on a highly sensitive subject using humor and of course self-deprecation to bring to light a topic that might make you think otherwise when your divorced single friend ask you both over for dinner.

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00:29 Deevo is a plague on society

01:28 Lisa is not a quitter

03:08 Lisa is apparently weird

03:28 Teach us how to be divorced

04:10 Enduring and compromising is not the root to happiness

06:13 Are you loyal to yourself

07:36 Choosing teams… my god… is this high school

08:52 Roommates or lovers

10:08 Being trapped

11.13  Getting biblical with the refiners fire

12.56  It’s shitty

14.00 Fun being the third wheel

15.18  The perks of ugly crying

16.26  Why did you get divorced?

16.52  Do people really change?

17.50  Are you trapped in a time machine

18.40  Deevo shits himself

19.23 Playing with cat turds

20.45 Getting rid of cancer OR You’re a disease Kevin!

21.51 New day, new me

Check out Lisa and Deevo’s new launch site and get to know them more at www.sproutconnectors.com and @lisastaffphoto and @fusionphotog on Instagram

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Listen to Lisa & Deevo’s thoughts about divorce on today’s podcast:

  • Nobody Teaches You About Marriage/Love: 1:23
  • Divorce Creeps Up On You: 3:25
  • You May Need To Question Where You’re At: 5:37
  • People Will Take Sides: 7:10
  • You Want To Be A Good Example For Your Children: 8:55
  • You Become The Person You Need To Be: 12:55
  • It Took Me About 6 Months To Realize The Divorce Was Real: 15:25
  • What Made Lisa Get The Divorce: 16:20
  • People’s Ideas Of You Get Stuck In Time: 18:25

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