Alec Zeck: Think for Yourself

March 23, 2021

Who Is Alec Zeck?

Alec Zeck is a holistic health advocate, writer, and speaker. His knowledge-base is nearly unbounded due to his insatiable hunger for learning more about the universe, the planet, and its constituents. His solid claims are backed by vigorous research, fueled by his unending desire to understand what is really happening in our small corner of the room.

Currently, he enamors an instagram following of 83 000 people, even after being removed from the platform numerous times due to terms of service “violations”.

It’s safe to say that the words this man speaks touch the hearts of many – they’ve followed him through the thick and thin, engaging at unprecedented rates along the way.

Throughout this podcast, Alec covers topics from spirituality to PCR tests, the psychological effects of lockdowns to the Law of One, and much more golden information worthy of anyone’s ears. 

He is well spoken, his opinions are thoroughly thought out, and, maybe most notably, he continually wades through deep waters in search of truth – despite the consequences.

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the infamous Alec Zeck:

  • Don’t Blindly Listen To Anyone: 10:25
  • People Have Been Conditioned To Accept Illusionary Authority: 17:32
  • What’s The Contagion Myth: 20:34
  • Masks Are ineffective: 29:26
  • Masks Hurt Us Psychologically: 35:56
  • Most People Aren’t Dying Solely From Covid: 39:35
  • PCR Tests Aren’t BEing USed Properly: 45:45
  • Why Are Healthy People Being Tested: 51:30
  • The VP Of Phizer Said PCR Is Useless: 53:51
  • Why’d They Shut Down Schools: 57:41
  • Why Are People Against Basic Health Practices: 1:01:06
  • Vaccine Manufacturers Can’t Be Held Liable: 1:10:46
  • They Won’t Study Vaccines In Depth: 1:16:09
  • What Is Alec Zeck’s Take On Life: 1:19:46
  • What’s The Light At The End Of The Tunnel: 1:23:16
Alec Zeck on the MBB Podcast talking about researching facts to find the real truth behind the media
Alec Zeck on the MBB Podcast talking about researching facts to find the real truth behind the media

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