Is Your Brand, Competition-proof? | Branding Strategy with Stefanie Stavola

March 19, 2021

If you haven’t noticed, consumer trust in corporate brands has reached new depths of lows. Online advertising? customers got 99 problems, but handling intrusive ads is not on that list. There’s an opportunity to be tapped here — smaller businesses now have the upper hand in leveraging personal branding & relationship as a channel to reach out to customers! 

To a laudable degree, the internet has empowered a swathe of individuals to build their own tribe of people — their communities — through marketing tactics that’re based on personal relationships and trust. 

For small business owners, two words should come to mind — HAPPY. DAYS.

We’re super-excited to haul out the bulk of content creation we’re taking on for an ultra-admirable client of ours. Yeap. We’re talking about Stefanie Stavola, a mompreneur (entrepreneur + mom) who also brilliantly doubles as an Essential Oils expert — not to blow any trumpets, but she operates an outfit that does dang brilliant work in facilitating and empowering women to design a life they love using health, wellness and essential oils, one drop at a time. 

At a time like this, there’s abso-frickn’-lootely no telling as to the importance of health awareness, (the right kind of health awareness, DUHH) putting out valuable information on leveraging the potency & real power of essential oils. 

Sidenote: If the name “essential” doesn’t quite hug your imagination with a ton of compelling clue already, allow us to say this — Essential Oils can be quite the ‘elixir of immortality’ when used skillfully. Ok, maybe that’s stretching it. But all you need is a pipeline of tried-and-true, medically validated information to reap the full rewards of the transformation to your beauty and body wellness it brings. So you really should holla’t her for some insider-scoop on that.(WINK)  

How Impactful! Speaking of impact, in a world where people trust other people than they do brands, why spend time going through the motions of figuring out how to reach an audience your heart — and business, yearn for, especially when you could let us do all the ‘worrying’. 

Our founders — Lisa & Deevo alongside our dedicated team of experts get behind the wheels of Stefanie’s business strategy to pivot her to attract the RIGHT set of followers for her brand. During our hyper-pleasurable experience working with Stefanie, we’ve been able to pull off some awesome work of our own in helping her turn on the style & substance for her teeming batch of truth-thirsty, incredibly sublime audience — and we thought to share that with you. Let’s dive right in!

  1. Branding exercises on the front-end. 

Excuse the ‘web-developer’ lingo. But it says what’s on the tin — makin’ sure things are tight right at touchpoints you share with your audiences, it could be your content or any other digital asset. A ‘branding gone wrong’ can hurt your business fatally. It bears even wayyy deeper repercussions for smaller brands. And nothing ruins a great marketing campaign quite like some inconsistent branding

If your business is to reap the rewards of personal connection that stems from familiarity, you’ve got to keep that consistency to remain familiar. We oversee consistency in tone, design elements, and visuals to avoid muddled marketing messages.  

  1. Content Strategy

When piecing together your content strategy, we get a hang of your voice inside and out. Then we apply that voice to a full repertoire of messaging and communications with your clients in form of snappy bite-sized posts or long-form content & ads that’re high odds to sustain attention spans 

While one-off content production may be in the works for some projects, we also formulate topics that form the thrust of thought leadership as an industry expert, the role of a content calendar is vital in achieving this. Using an actionable content calendar means that we are able to develop a clear timeline that will guide our content marketing efforts. 

  1. Brand Storytelling (through Impactful visual/aesthetics)

Unless you have no business worrying about why you started your business, who your business portends to cater to, or what your business is all about, then you just must hit bull’s eye with your storytelling. 

Not because you got an audience with enough time to play with and listen to what you have to say, but because human tales are a lead generating tool. Yeap, you read that correctly. 

Here’s how it plays out: Masterful storytelling leverages visuals that strategically pin down these personal experiences that your audience connect, and relate to, on a meaningful level. Somewhere along the line, these bonds form the building blocks for a swarm opportunities and endless possibilities in the form of positive responses to offers, subscription requests — you know — pretty much the whole shebang of what makes up your calls-to-action. 

  1. Goal Smashing (Miscellaneous)  

***inserts humble-brag*** And that’s on our efficiency as a collective team. Ouhh — HELLO! Did you forget that we’re an actual team of value incubators and possibilitarians? 

We’re a team of goal-getters with a can-do attitude that show up when required to insert some much-needed urgency to your operations. Whether chipping in with some aid in additional projects, or the odd brainstorming session or even helping in the creation and promotion of offerings, we got you!


Tell us something more competition-proof than personal connection — we’ll wait. Yeahh Right. None. Storytelling leverages emotional connection to generate leads and accelerate conversion for your business. It’s that simple. If you don’t invest emotionally in your followers, don’t expect NOTHING from them — more so when they actually owe you NOTHING. Some harsh truths there, but it is what it is. Innit? 

Just like you’ll like to hangout with the cool kids if you’re one yourself, we love working with fabulous small businesses, but if you’re not one, we’ll love to work with you regardless, forming a formidable core as an extension of your team — or a part of it. 

You don’t have to try to join the ‘cool kid club’ — just show up, be your authentic self, and your ‘tribe’, ‘followers’, or ‘audience’ will love you for it. 

Wanna see and learn more branding tips? Check out this cool one!

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