It’s How We Bring Things Together That Sets You Apart

February 28, 2021

Bride standing at bow of sailboat on the ocean

Nothing works like finding the right balance — hard work and healthy banter makes Jack not so dull after all. 

And while too fast, or too slow might harm your chances, you can never go wrong with steady — the same applies to finding a balance between iterating your business even amidst the need for some consistency. Sure, you need some consistency, but you can still be consistent while evolving, and growing as well. 

Our founders — Lisa and Deevo, teamed up with a batch of local vendors/businesses to do something for their local community in the Hilton Head area, so they thought to organize a social collaboration project that involved the creation of some brand-savvy visual content that everyone could make use of. It was another one of their numerous creative escapades — this time, though, not with clients, but with local businesses, colleagues and like-minded entrepreneurs. 

Lisa and Deevo can tell you this (and for free too) that setting up clients to win the hearts of their customers is not something business owners should leave to a spray-and-pray approach, else it ends in a ‘not so happily ever after’. It demands tweaks, every now and then — a continually renewed attempt at seeking the next best thing to tip the scales in favor of your clients while maintaining your brand’s core — even if it means the odd ‘rebranding’ phase. 

bride standing on bow of sailboat in a wedding dress

Enter Lisa & Deevo’s photography rebranding collab with Vagabond Cruises aboard the Stars and Stripes yacht sailing down the Calibougue Sound towards the Atlantic with a fresh bride and a crew of five… more on this later.

Why is branding an Iterative process 

You may have an embarrassment of creative talent at your disposal, but if you’re looking to reach lofty levels of business & brand success, then you can’t lean on just strategy. What you really need sometimes is just a good well-thought-out connection between both. (yeap. your Brand & Business)

bride standing on bow of sailboat in a wedding dress

The working of how these pieces come together is every bit intuitive as it is a carefully masterminded and professional process. It’s a continuous, iterative process that brings all of the tidbit elements of your business operations, your brand (of course. WINK), and your bottom lines. Place your gaze on these three Bs of getting success in your customer experience — and badabing badaboom! —you’re up on top of it.

The Branding Exercise

On the heels of recent COVID and non-COVID induced developments that had tilted the scales of business operations especially within the local community, Lisa & Deevo thought to do a bit of giving back, collaborating with local businesses, creating on-brand content to breathe some new lease of creative iteration that will lead further down the line of bringing some innovative spark.  

It’s always been all about serving clients better. 

Everyone’s pretty much tuned in to the same radio-station these days — and it’s the WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) radio station. But not on this occasion. Lisa & Deevo came up with this exercise so there’s enough on-brand content to go round for all the amazing local businesses that chose to be a part of this exercise. This exercise also doubled as an incubator for like-minded brands looking to gain more awareness, cross-fertilize ideas that trigger ideation bubbles on how to serve clients better in a period where — suffice it to say — ‘normal’ died. Ultimately, we all needed content that we could purpose and/or re-purpose to supercharge our brand image. 

bride standing on bow of sailboat in a wedding dress

In pulling this together, Deevo and Lisa pulled a galactic assembly of local vendors and business owners in the Hilton head area using the creative backdrop to what was an upscale branding project — the Vagabond Cruise in Hilton Head. For this project, the Vagabond had a more significant role to play than a mere fanciful destination. It was the creative springboard upon which we were to make this happen. Sailing the Vagabond Cruise is a chilled, adventure-of-a-lifetime experience that leaves you in the right mood for a great time. Of a fact — while the captain of the ship, or any other ship for that matter could not guarantee the sightings of dolphins, our captain on the day did a good job steering the ship into a delightful cluster of jolly mammals. The Stars and Stripes cruise ship’s got quite a legacy of racing in the America Cup that makes the boat every inch deservingly ‘christened’ Stars and Stripes. 

With the shoot in mind, we dashed down to Blush Bridal, trying different gorgeous dresses to find the right fit, and where we would have been without the professional touch of Roxanne, Owner of Shop Boutique, (the most upscale fashion shop in our location)? Her truckload of experience in dressing up the rich and famous came in handy. And oh, Lisa and Roxanne have always done fantastic jobs shooting fashion editorials for magazines by the way. 

Parting Thoughts

The way we go about our work as a team pumps our clients with settled confidence, that what they invest into building — or — rebuilding their 3 Bs, is nothing like a best-guess strategy. It’s a unique blend of art and science that involves human-powered connections as a force for good, obsessive attention to detail, years of craft geared towards transforming lives. We filter our processes through finding our individual & collective voices, in the cacophony of deafening sounds that is the world we live in today.

At SproutConnectors, we make sure you don’t leave us without the remarkable growth in your 3bs — Your brand, business, and your bottom-line. Reach out to us today if you’re looking to make your on-brand content creation project a breeze! 

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