Compelling Ways to Strike up a Conversation on Social Media

January 15, 2021

Conversation serves as a critical bedrock in the creation and maintenance of personal and professional relationships. 

Conversation is a bridge between information and enterprise and when navigated with precision, can lead us down a rabbit hole of opportunities, laden rich with potential to build and strengthen bonds, uncover new information, and present information of your own.

Curate engaging posts within your industry, niche or genre

Think about your business, your industry and/or niche when crafting posts and post from the perspective or entertaining, solving a problem, or presenting yourself as a subject matter expert on your topic of choice.

Ask Questions

People love to give feedback when prompted, give them the spotlight and ask pointed questions that might elicit further conversation.

Get Personal and Behind the Scenes

Part of the algorithm on social media is to remind your followers you are just like them. Human, social and relatable. Let them see that part of you. Imagine if you met one of your followers in person, how might you interact with them? Do that (assuming it’s social)

Provide assistance in whatever way you can

Become an invaluable resource. Solve problems. Let people know WHY you do what you do and how you do it better, differently and more unique than the sea of people doing exactly the same thing.

Show up and post content regularly

Plan your content, curate your content and show up and post regularly and diversely. Use all the tools at your disposal and very quickly you will find traction and build raving fans.

Actively show up at the Social Watercooler

Don’t be afraid to show up and pull back the covers and engage. Don’t be that stoic (no reference to Stoicism) at the after hour networking session that sits over on the bar stool putting back whiskey. Work the room, visit alternative pages, try different pages every day, strike up conversations and connect, collaborate and CREATE.

Plan, Strategize and Execute 

Look, you gotta have a plan. Consider your social media plan aka content marketing plan, your GPS coordinates to successful social media. No GPS, no destination.

Entertain, Inform, and be helpful

Be informative, show your fans you are a resource to be reckoned with, or at least someone that’s worth following. Consider your assets in planning and set out a comprehensive guide to show and share these assets with your fans and potential fans. This can come in a variety of forms, don’t be set in stone and rigid, use  your assets and arsenal strategically and aesthetically.

Engage with other Thought Leaders in your industry

Strike up conversations with them – some will bite, most will not. Most are willing to help. Never be pushy, never sell, offer value. Give Give Give. 

Watch others and learn

Never stop learning. One of the best ways to learn social media, watch and learn from others, find a style that suits you, and adopt something similar to their strategies until you find your own je ne sais quois.

Make sure people can find your social media on your other channels.

This may sound contrite and simple, but you would be surprised at how many people don’t have their social clearly marked on all their channels. 

If you read other blogs, always leave a comment.

I always leave comments on other blogs. AND I always drop my credentials and URL. Google likes this and if something you say happens to catch their fancy, they know who you are and might just look you up.  Landed a gig this way once.

Repost others content that resonates with you – REGULARLY

People love the vanity metric on social – this is compounded when you share their content. They might just be inclined to share yours back. Don’t be discouraged if they don’t though. Just stay your course.

Be inspiring in your content

Have a favorite quote – share it, have many? Share them.

ALWAYS respond to comments.  

Most of us are not so, this really should be Rule #1. Don’t be anti-social. Someone takes the time to comment on your post, take the time to thoughtfully comment back – with real words – not just emoji’s.

Let people know what things you like.

Have a favorite brand or service? Share how and why you use them/it – make sure to tag the brand, this is one way to quickly become an influencer. Just don’t be a brown noser and make it obvious.

Remember: Don’t overcomplicate social media. Have a plan. Use compelling and engaging content. Show up. Be consistent. Be genuine. Serve others. Engage. – follow these basic tenets and you will start to grow your brand on social media and in the process maybe find a thing or two out about yourself.

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