What’s the difference between a chef and a cook?

December 10, 2020

Huh? Just, hold on a second! Don’t bounce off this page just yet, this post has got abso-effing-lootely nothing to do with chefs, or cooks for that matter. We’re just a happy bunch of innovators and brand storytellers having fun with some culinary jargon to explain EXPERTise, using the most relatable concept ever known to man — food. Yeah, not everyone is a foodie, but we all gotta eat for human survival right? aha! Gotcha. 

You see, there’s the cook — someone who cooks, gets the job done to be fair, we can’t complain, after all, we all just want to go about our various activities without having to deal with lagging energy levels.  And then, there’s the chef — deeply immersed in, not just the art of serving up delicacies, but the science of it as well. We mean a well-trained professional who understands that fish spatula isn’t just for fish. If you were to run into a brick wall and you had to increase the nutritional value/content of your food, you’re more likely to want to consult with your chef—not a cook. We can pretty much say the same for when you need help in growing your business, you talk to an EXPERT!

Why an Expert?

For us, being an expert is not just about rocking “industry taglines” solely as a badge of honor. True experts channel their passion, drive, and enthusiasm to practice in a particular field while demonstrating a depth of knowledge in the process. They strive to achieve this even if it means not playing by the book—getting results, bringing value to the table, transforming lives.

Hire an expert and stay in your lane [of expertise]

Why You Should Hire an Expert

Now that we’ve come through with the spill on who an expert really is, we’ll roll out reasons why you should (perhaps, even must, depending on the nature of your business or your business strategy) hire an EXPERT, such as Sprout Connectors

  1. The one-size-fits-all mentality doesn’t cut it

Even chefs know that handling your business in a way that positions only you as the be-all-and-end-all of your business health is a recipe for disaster, and the reason for this is not exactly rocket science — as an entrepreneur, you can do anything, but not everything. 

We understand how the entrepreneurial drive sometimes gets you feeling like you can take on any challenge, after all, your business is your business, (pun unintended) and you’re arguably, the “superman” of your business, but then—and we say this without disrespect to your superpowers—experts produce the kind of results that you would have produced in weeks, in a few days. 

Given how time plays such a crucial role in the running of your business, and because time, as they say, is money — we’re not sure you want to cost your business dearly due to your “superman entrepreneur impulse”. And oh, this impulse is not exactly a weakness, but if you are going to huff and puff about what’s come as a ‘piece of cake’ to an expert, then it sure becomes one helluva weakness for your business’s prospects.

Time is Money, and you are not superhuman

2. Better Troubleshooting & Strategy

One of the perks of hiring an expert is the comprehensive analysis they have of your business strategy. And remember, if your business is going to be firing on all cylinders, your strategy must be spot-on. Experts are known to sort through the clutter, get to the barebones of how you can improve your business, and implement these strategies before your competitors do. 

Even better, they keep track of this aspect of your business using KPIs — Key Performance Indicators that measure the actual value of the results they bring to the table. The right metrics/KPIs make sure that you are not just making progress, but you’re making the sort of progress that will grow and scale your business.

3. The Right Fit

We can’t stress the importance of having the right fit in your business. Experts shouldn’t just be experts. They are angels who offer sage-guidance to your business. Your business should be their cup of tea. Got it? good. 

Experts make the right fit for your business because they take the guesswork out of everything. And considering the number of failures they must have encountered before they were able to scale their way to clinching the “expert” status, your business needs could not be in safer hands.

Remove the guesswork from your business

4. Super Effective Planning

***Inserts inspirational quote about how those who fail to plan, plan to fail***

It can be tough trying to run your business while mapping out new plans for world domination and the key role your business has to play in it. The good news? It matches the job description of an expert to source/innovate game-changing strategies that can scale your business to new heights. 

It’s easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy from here, isn’t it? Hire experts to give expert analysis and insights, while you just focus on being you — Head Honcho and Performance Pundit of your business!

5. Brand Reputation

Besides sparing you the uncertainty of spray-and-pray tactics, experts help you avoid costly errors that could cost your business in sales, and—hold on—it doesn’t end there, your brand reputation, which could prove to be even costlier. 

Again, the key role that brand reputation plays in modern organizations and today’s digitally charged economy gives no slouching space for companies who do not take the extra diligence to pay attention to their brand reputation through tried-and-true channels like Brand listening, Social Media Management, and other online reputation management mediums. 

Hiring an expert to steer the affairs of the titanic ship that is your brand reputation makes sure that your company does not have to commit a social media faux pas that could undo all of your hard work as a business owner.

Just like these 5-star chefs serving up culinary delights, our artistically gifted team has the ability to, not just meet your content needs better than any content provider on the block, but to craft content with purpose. We also strut our stuff with an expert execution that bears striking similarities to that of a chef, such that when we’re done ‘whipping in the kitchen’, it’s almost as though you can taste our never-to-be-forgotten content, and of course, all of our creative juice that runs through it as well.

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