Hiring a Digital Marketing Manager vs Outsourcing

November 24, 2020

Many business owners’ nightmares start with hiring that seemingly fantastic employee, spending hours on training and education, indoctrinating them into the company culture, and ending with watching the process abandoned before maturity for a variety of reasons. The employee turned out to be a bad fit, the learning curve too steep, the employee jumped ship for a better opportunity and a host of other viable reasons… and what does this all add up to? Wasted time and money for the company.

When it comes to your digital marketing needs specifically though, do you really need to hire an in-house staff member or can it be outsourced? Let’s get into our thoughts on it.


Hiring vs Outsourcing

Digital marketing allows small businesses to compete with a much smaller advertising budget than ever possible before. When managed effectively, it gives them laser-focused control over where and how they spend their money. When you have this kind of control and the data to support decisions, you make smarter ones.

To maximize these efforts, business owners need to decide whether it’s more advantageous to outsource their digital marketing to an agency that specializes in digital marketing to keep everything in-house.

The cost:

Hiring internally can be a costly decision. According to Forbes, the average cost-per-hire is just above $4,000, this does not include salaries, benefits or taxes, just the cost per hire using existing resources, time and getting that employee up to scale. On average, in-house digital marketing associates are paid between $63k and $130k annually in the US. Hiring multiple team members to manage multiple aspects of digital marketing can quickly add up. Spending this same amount of money on an agency might seem even trade, but when you hire an agency, you are paying for one agency with multiple experts. 

Who comes out on top in the cost scenario? Marketing agencies. Why? Because you’ll pay less to hire an outside agency because you’re paying for multiple experts whose professional skillsets directly apply to your needs.

The tools you actually need:

When it comes to digital marketing, there are simply too many tools at our disposal. So how do you find the right ones for your company? Simply hiring a “marketing expert” in-house will not suffice. After hiring them you still have to acquire all the necessary tools, platforms, software and knowledge to use it. The cost to acquire tools for social media scheduling, analytics, CPC, analytics, reporting, etc, the list is endless and can quickly add up. This doesn’t even factor in the countless hours needed to properly train the new hire, and there is no guarantee that they will ever fully understand it, because it’s always changing. Keeping up to speed with all of this can prove to be a daunting task and most companies just give up or half-ass the entire operation, unless they finally concede to outsource it to the experts. 

So, who comes out on top in this scenario? Marketing agency. A digital marketing agency already has access to all the tools you need and solutions can be customized for your business needs and are agile and adaptive. 

Can you get by using someone on your staff that has a facebook page and posts to their instagram doing yoga in the off-hours? Sure, they can manage your social media, but there is so much more to digital marketing than just having a social media presence. Are they equipped in SEO, content management, PPC, analytics and reporting? Have they ever built a landing page that generates leads through your email sales funnel? Do they know how to create marketing collateral that is synchronized with your traditional marketing and then effectively blast this across all your channels for optimization and impact? I can continue, but the point is, hiring internally can work, but you really need a team behind your back for digital marketing, a team that has expertise in digital marketing nuances so you can stay focused on running your business. Think of this agency as your collaborative partner and business strategist.



When you set out on this adventure of starting your own business you intended to be successful. Hiring someone to facilitate and manage a critical element of your business model that kind of knows social media will no longer cut it. You need to hire experts, specialists, gurus who are great at what they do so you can do what you’re best at – running your company.

It just so happens that we knows a few experts – our team at Sprout Connectors specializes in “all the above” when it comes to digital marketing. If you’re ready to outsource these services, contact us below!

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