The Best Way to Get to Know Your Clients

November 15, 2020

Sprout Connectors, has a client discovery process that is the secret sauce when it comes to successful and seamless digital marketing and social media implementations. The Sprout Connectors team is fully committed to making this process easy and fun at the same time while we get a feel of who our new client is. Since we’ve seen such success with our process, we wanted to share it with you as we do think it’s one of the best ways to get to know your clients.

Completing discovery becomes our roadmap for successful implementations, but more importantly, establishes client trust and expectations.

Discovery enables us to establish the key parameters of a brand’s needs, value propositions, design aesthetics and core values. Discovery inherently leads to: what problem are you solving for your customer?

Below are the steps we take with each and every client to better establish their principle values for being in business, always with the framework that people do not buy products or services, they purchase solutions.

The Discovery Process

Step #1: Define the Client’s Ultimate Goals

Establishing each client’s goals is a hand holding and meticulous process. We ask questions, the client provides answers and our team helps to refine and adjust those goals to be SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timebound).

Step #2: Understand the Client’s Industry & Competition

This is not always easy to ascertain, especially if you have a very niche product. Analyzing the industry takes time, precision, observation and knowledge. We take pride in the fact that we find that little something that makes our client’s brand stand out. A great example is one of our clients, a chef. While he loves to cook, his real value is in the interactions, engagement and experiential service he provides each client. This is his VPO – Value Proposition Offer.

Step #3: Analyze & Understand the Data

It is critical to understand what your client has traditionally done with their marketing and social media. What has worked, what had potential but no resilience, and what miserably failed. This will help shape the direction going forward. This is an iterative process. You need to understand your metrics.

Step #4: Log What Exists in the Digital Asset Library & Index for Future Use

If your client has been around for a while, there is a good chance they might already have existing content that can be repurposed and in some cases re-used (evergreen). This can be anything from old blog posts, email copy, brochures, videos, and photography. Take a qualitative stock of everything and determine its future state. Does it fit the objectives you ascertained during discovery? How can it be melded into the overall plan?

Step #5: Conduct Pillar & SEO Keyword Analysis

You have heard the old adage “When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.” Never is that more true than in digital marketing and in your business values. During discovery we help filter this down to your core niche. What are you really good at, and what can you be better than anyone else at? We take all your content, all your values and funnel this down to a few key pillars/principles then correlate everything else as content/marketing streams that fits within each pillar.

Step #6: Listen, Listen, Listen

Listen twice as much as you talk! Interview the stakeholders, understand why they are in business, take on their persona, understand their trouble spots and, learn their business. You have to be a chameleon to offer counsel in this space. You have to eat, breathe and sleep their product. How else would you be able to sound like them or brand for them? Our job is to alleviate resources, but more importantly to help you understand your brand even better than you do already. Digital marketing from our vantage point goes beyond branding! Steve Jobs said…”A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show them.”

Step #7: Create an Adaptive & Reflexive Roadmap

Every discovery culminates in a roadmap, content calendar, and strategic outcome that we follow with consistency. If everyone knows where we are going, we can all show up on time. The roadmap is how we collaborate and visualize the strategic planning.

As you can see, the discover we take our clients through is extensive. We don’t want to miss a beat or even the smallest detail when it comes to planning the custom digital marketing strategy. We are firm believes that success starts with a successful discovery phase.

Could you benefit from going through a discovery and seeing what gaps you may be missing in your social media marketing plan? Click below and you do the talking, we do the listening!

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